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If you're constantly daydreaming about your next vacation, this card can be a godsend.

Travel credit cards often offer discounts or cashbacks on flight tickets, hotel bookings, and dining.

Moreover, you can get lounge access and air miles. These cards help you save more as you travel. 

Travel Cards


Premium Cards


If you're all all about that luxury lifestyle, then premium cards can be just what you're looking for.

With premium cards, you can get a higher credit limit, great reward points, discounts on luxury experiences and more. 

Premium cards usually have a higher annual fee, but in return of the luxury they offer, it's worth a shot! 

Lifetime free cards

If you're new to credit cards and don't want to commit to paying an annual fee, these can be your best choice.

Lifetime free cards come no annual fee for a lifetime. You might be charged for a few things like getting a hard copy of your report or a starting fee but that's about it. 

Keep in mind though that these cards don't always have a variety of rewards like other cards. 

Student credit cards

While these cards are relatively new in India, student cards give any student over 18 the chance to try out a credit card. 

These cards come with student friendly rewards like converting payments to EMI, getting cashbacks, and lower interest than other cards

Student credit cards are usually valid for five years, giving you enough time to try out the card and decide if credit cards are for you. 

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