5 Best ways to improve your credit score

It's important to check your credit report inside out for two major factors - 

  1. Any errors or incorrect information that is bringing your score down, and
  2. Credit where defaults or delayed payments bring down your score

Stay on top of your Report Game

Paying your credit card bills in full on time goes a long way in getting that CIBIL score higher. 

Delayed payments can not only charge you interest, but also bring down your credit score. 

Pay your bills on time.

If you've taken out loans, timely clearance of these helps to stabilise your credit score.

Similarly, avoid taking too many loans, especially if you haven't cleared previous ones.

DOn't let Debt grow

If you've applied for a credit card and have been rejected for having a low score, don't keep applying again. 

Since this info is stored, the best option you have is to try to increase your score and apply for a new credit card. 

Take the rejection

Look into your accounts to see if you have a patterned loan behaviour and see how you can mix it up.

For eg - If you have only unsecured credit like credit cards, try to take secured credit like home or personal credit instead. 

Diversify your credit

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